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ARK Logistics & Transportation is truly a logistics service provider whose future depends upon the satisfaction of our customers. ARK offers customized logistics solution for your entire supply chain. Our complete overview – from manufacturer / supplier to retailer to consumer – enables you to achieve operational excellence at every stage. ARK sets the pace in Supply Chain Management with state-of-the-art technologies, delivering customized business solutions. Leading edge IT systems ensure seamless integration and guarantee full transparency and control throughout the entire supply chain.

Domestic Transportation

ARK is a premier 3rd party logistics provider based in Indonesia was started by a team of professional with a strong knowledge of the field, decades of experience, and a passion for the transportation industry.

Freight Forwarding

ARK is responsible for advising clients on how to most COST EFFECTIVELY and efficiently transport goods from one destination to another. Our carefully selected team of freight specialists are trained to care for each and every shipment as though it were our own- so we always know where your freight is, each step along the way.

Supply Chain Technology Solution

ARK customizes your supply chain solution integrating transportation, contract logistics and freight management to meet your exact expectations. Our integrated solutions team listens to your needs and then designs your solution utilizing our flexible supply chain network and comprehensive visibility tools. ARK does this by using state of the art engineering design and supply chain modeling tools, transportation optimization software, and end-to-end linked visibility.

Warehouse and Distribution

At ARK we follow an approach that recognizes that in providing logistic support to your organization we are a part of the entire process of delivering satisfaction to your customer. We know that to deliver the service you need we must understand, your business, objectives, ethos and systems.